Sports Jam

My name is Christina, better known as ‘Jam’s Mum’. In March 2017, my nine-year-old son Jam, along with his father and baby sister tragically passed away in a car crash at Maryborough Queensland.
Sports Jam is an initiative inspired by Jam’s enthusiasm for sports. Our aim is to promote “Sports Jam Day” to schools and communities where kids can try out multiple sports in one venue. When possible, we would also offer individual and team sports program at discounted rates.

Sports Jam officially kicked off with a free Come and Try Sports Day for kids aged 6 to 12 years on 13 October 2018, which would have been Jam’s 11th birthday, at 185 Old Northern Rd Albany Creek Queensland.

I hope that Sports Jam will be adopted by many schools and communities so kids can try out multiple team and individual sports in one venue at minimal or better, at no cost. I thought if we can host various expo events, why not a kids sport expo for them to explore different sports? After all, we’re in a sports-loving nation, aren’t we?

 Jam’s Mum (and  Rie’s Too)