About Jam

Jam gave his best in everything. He loved to read the Bible, can quickly memorise verses. He did Kumon and became very good with Math. He loved to sing and whenever he did, it was always full of passion. He learned to dance before he could walk. When he was four, he started watching sports games on TV instead of cartoons. Whenever he tried out a new sport, he’d come home saying, “This is it, this is my favourite sport!” He tried out almost all sports – basketball, tennis, soccer, footy, taekwondo, rugby, table tennis, swimming, baseball, fencing, bowling and rock climbing. Jam was very competitive and always wanted to be the best.

His remarkable zest led to parents asking me if I used to be a sports person to which I would awkwardly reply, “No, not really.” Most of the time, I wouldn’t even understand the rules of the game. There were a few instances when I confidently cheered him on. The last time he played basketball at Mini Hoops and shot the ball without touching the ring, I was so proud that I stood up and shouted, “That’s my son!” Yes, I got those looks from the other parents but I didn’t care, that was a moment I will never forget, ever.

Once when Jam arrived at a birthday party at a friend’s home, he saw kids playing with their tablets/phones. Jam went to his friend’s dad, asked for a ball and the two started playing. His laughter and enthusiasm were so contagious that not long after, most kids left their gadgets and played with him. This is how I hope we’ll remember Jam.

Jam’s favourite basketball team was the Golden State Warriors (GSW) and his favourite player, Stephen Curry. Jam would watch the recorded GSW games over and over again so once I asked him why he needed to do that if he already knew who won. Jam replied, “I watch the play Nanay, look at how GSW plays, that’s great team work!” He further commented, “Stephen Curry is my favourite player because he plays well and he’s proud to be a Christian.”
When Jam joined Taekwon-Do, he was the youngest student. Prior to his first competition, I kept on reminding Jam to manage his expectations on winning as most kids would have probably competed before. I thought it was my chance to teach him how to accept losing in a better way. But guess what, he beat all kids and won first place!
That’s how Jam was, putting his all in every sport he plays. Amid the energy and passion is a kind and sensitive child who would patiently teach other kids how to play the games he loves. From an early age, I know Jam was special. As parents struggle to think of ways to entertain their babies, I didn’t have to exert any effort to make Jam smile. All I need to do is show him the camera and I’ll have his best smile. Jam started day care in Sydney at five months and when he turned 18 months, he was the entertainer making other kids and his carers laugh. Whenever I pick up Jam, other kids will see me and they will point me to their mums or dads saying, that’s Jam’s mum!
While my friends talk about the Terrible Two moments, mine were Terrific Two moments. We never had to run after him, he will never walk or run far from us. We never had to install child protectors as he always listens to what we tell him. He remained the sensitive, happy, obedient and passionate child.

I will always be proud of my title, Jam’s mum.

A letter from Northside Christian College, 2017